Will You Commit to Being a Network Weaver?

Network weavers
by Jim Rickabaugh Networks are a pervasive presence in our society. They have become a core strategy for conducting research. Businesses also form and rely on networks to connect with customers and other businesses to build loyalty and provide flexible, customer focused service. Online dating networks are growing as well - estimates are that one in five recently married couples met online. T...
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The “Built Pedagogy” of Personalized Learning

Built Pedagogy of Personalized Learning
by Julie Kallio Walk into a personalized learning school in southeastern Wisconsin, and I bet the first thing you’ll do is tour their space and hear about how they changed it. At several points during the visit, they’ll bring it up again, telling the story of how decisions were made, how they funded it, how they negotiated with maintenance or leadership. In my three years of studying personaliz...
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Mayville Immersion Day

Mayville constellation
by Kate Sommerville, PD Specialist The Mayville School District has been an active member of the Institute for Personalized Learning since 2015. After participating in our Institute Studies Cohort (ISC), and to help coalesce their community of educators, they put together a team for our Leadership Design Academy (LDA) cohort. During their summer design session, the Mayville LDA team developed a...
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Honeycomb Constellation Maps: What Does Personalized Learning Look Like for You?

Honeycomb Constellation Maps
by Paige, Youth Advisory Council Member The term “personalized learning” has become more prevalent within the last few years, but what is it? According to the Institute for Personalized Learning (I4PL), it is “an approach to learning and instruction that is designed around individual learner readiness, strengths, needs and interests.” Although personalized learning in many ways is “reinventing ...
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