What's included in your membership

Membership in the national network is included in your Southeastern Wisconsin Network membership.

Our place-based network is for national members that are geographically able to take advantage of face-to-face activities such as visits, meetings, events and networking opportunities. As part of the “incubator” network, members will participate in data collection and analysis and have open access to promising practices that foster innovation and increase the likelihood of scalability and sustainability. In addition to all of the benefits of national membership, benefits of membership in the Southeastern Wisconsin Network include:

  • Periodic meetings and forums addressing pressing topics as needs arise
  • Advocacy on behalf of members for policy development that supports personalized learning
  • Annual “Foundations of Personalized Learning Overview” workshop for staff to provide an overview of personalized learning based on the Institute's model
  • Discounted rates on face-to-face professional learning opportunities
  • Network meetings to stay connected with other districts in the network
  • Opportunities to:
    • Participate in research studies and related activities to contribute to the broader movement
    • Participate in Advisory Committee and other work groups, such as Youth Advisory Council and Leading Systemic Change Workgroup
    • Engage with Institute staff as needed
    • Serve as a Field Experience host site and participate in revenue sharing
    • Partner with national organizations and thought leaders

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