Personalized Professional Development through Gamification

PD through Gamification
by Sarah Mumm, Director of Education Services for Kaneland School District Have you ever played Flippy Cup at work?   Have you ever wanted to escape your PD session after 10 seconds of being in the session? Have you ever raced through the day and competed with your peers to see who can learn the most and identify ways to implement your learning?   If you are intrigued by any of those stat...
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Summer Fun with the Youth Advisory Council

Blog-Youth Advisory Council Summer Retreat
by Kate Sommerville, Professional Development Specialist When asked to partake in the Youth Advisory Council, I had no idea what that entailed, but was thrilled knowing that it involved student ambassadors. Leaving the classroom was a huge transition, and people still ask me if I will miss working directly with students every day. I thought being a facilitator for our Youth Advisory Council wou...
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Shifting Paradigms

shifting paradigms
Moving from an instructional paradigm to a learning paradigm The instructional paradigm, still in place in most schools, was primarily designed to support the function of teaching, or more specifically, the delivery of information from instructor to student. For practical reasons the design favored efficiency, which led to batch processing of students, segmentation of content areas, and credits b...
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Personalized Learning: A vision we can all aspire to

image: girl with binoculars
by Julia Rutledge, M.S. When people ask me why I decided to pursue my doctorate in educational psychology, I think about an experience I had ten years ago as a student teacher of high school literature. Like many teachers, I had disengaged students. Some would sit in the back of the class and zone out on their iPods, while it seemed almost impossible to get others to raise their hand to partici...
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Utility: Electricity, Water, Internet…Learner?

image of power lines
by Ryan Krohn, Director Utility : u·til·i·ty noun: the state of being useful, value, profitable, advantageous, or beneficial. adjective: useful, especially through being able to perform several functions. A utility refers to services consumed by the public such as electricity, natural gas, and water. When these are in place and are a part of our expectation, we plan and make decision...
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