Personalized Professional Development through Gamification

PD through Gamification
by Sarah Mumm, Director of Education Services for Kaneland School District Have you ever played Flippy Cup at work?   Have you ever wanted to escape your PD session after 10 seconds of being in the session? Have you ever raced through the day and competed with your peers to see who can learn the most and identify ways to implement your learning?   If you are intrigued by any of those stat...
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Personalized Learning: A vision we can all aspire to

image: girl with binoculars
by Julia Rutledge, M.S. When people ask me why I decided to pursue my doctorate in educational psychology, I think about an experience I had ten years ago as a student teacher of high school literature. Like many teachers, I had disengaged students. Some would sit in the back of the class and zone out on their iPods, while it seemed almost impossible to get others to raise their hand to partici...
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Guest post: Reflections on the 2017 Youth Summit

Reflections on the Youth Summit
by Paige K, Institute Youth Advisory Council Member On February 28, 2017, the Institute for Personalized Learning hosted its 6th Annual Youth Summit with the help of its Youth Advisory Council. This year’s theme was “The Power of Personalized Learning: Education Tailored to You!” The event targeted the core concepts of personalized learning, promoted flexible learning, and helped to get the wor...
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Guest Post: Advice for Ed Leaders on Walking the Talk

image for walk the talk blog post
by Michelle Spencer, @RustyClover  When I was Principal of New Technology High School in Napa, I supported an amazing staff with advanced skills in designing projects that fostered collaborative and authentic learning opportunities for students. With such a talented group of educators, I needed to step up my game as an administrator. What does it take to walk the talk for using technology to pe...
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Practitioner Highlight Series: Community Engagement

image depicting community engagement
Educator: JJ Heesch District: Pewaukee School District School: Pewaukee High School To learn more about the elements highlighted in this post, click the links below: Focus Element: Community Engagement Additional Elements: Learner Voice Infused, Learner Choice Incorporated, Recognition of Anytime Anywhere Learning  How are you incorporating the selected element in your classroom? Insigh...
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