Guest post: Reflections on the 2017 Youth Summit

Reflections on the Youth Summit
by Paige K, Institute Youth Advisory Council Member On February 28, 2017, the Institute for Personalized Learning hosted its 6th Annual Youth Summit with the help of its Youth Advisory Council. This year’s theme was “The Power of Personalized Learning: Education Tailored to You!” The event targeted the core concepts of personalized learning, promoted flexible learning, and helped to get the wor...
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Learner Agency: The Missing Link

A collaborative blog series by the Institute for Personalized Learning and Personalize Learning LLC Defining Learner Agency Learner agency often gets missed in conversations on transforming the educational system. We have a sense of ‘agency’ when we feel in control of things that happen around us; when we feel that we can influence events. This is an important sense for learners to develop. Le...
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Guest Post: Focus on the Learner, Not Technology

by Barbara Bray and Kathleen McClaskey - Co-founders, Personalize Learning LLC Over the next few months, we will be engaging with Barbara Bray and Kathleen McClaskey, co-founders of Personalize Learning LLC, in a series of joint posts on Learner Agency. Learner agency often gets left out of conversations on education transformation and even conversations about personalized learning. Yet it is a...
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What Kind of Student Joins a Youth Advisory Council?

by Kim Jenkins, Assistant Director As a new facilitator of the Youth Advisory Council -- I didn’t quite know what to expect. What kind of student would voluntarily give up a Friday night to come out to CESA 1 and talk about their education and what they feel needs to be changed about education in this day and age?What kind of student would want to meet with other students (many of which they do...
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Comment on the Youth Summit

Our annual Youth Summit is probably my favorite event of the year – seeing all those young people come together to learn about a new way to “do school” is always inspiring and never fails to give me hope for the future! I was going to write a summary of the Youth Summit for this blog, but Carolyn Reeves passed this comment along to me when she was going through the evaluations of the day.  It ...
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