Ryan Krohn

Dr. Ryan Krohn serves as the Director of the Institute for Personalized Learning. Ryan formerly served as the Associate Superintendent of Teaching and Learning for the School District of Waukesha, WI. In this role, Ryan launched a focused effort to bring forward personalized learning as the primary model of instruction. Ryan centered his Ph.D. research on transformational leaders and their successful transformation of a traditional educational environment to a personalized learning system. Dr. Krohn is a national speaker, university instructor, and consultant who centers his work on engaging leaders on the ideas of transformation, personalized learning, and learner-centered designs.

Christina Sprader

Associate Director
Christina Sprader serves as the Associate Director of the Institute for Personalized Learning. Christina formerly served as an administrator, coach, and teacher for the School District of Waukesha. She has a passion for rethinking education that ensures personalized learning for all learners. In her previous roles, she developed the capacity of those around her to implement this transformational work that supports all learners.

Jim Rickabaugh

Senior Advisor
Dr. Jim Rickabaugh currently serves as the Senior Advisor to the Institute. Jim formerly served as our director for six years and before that as a superintendent in several districts. Dr. Rickabaugh is the author of Tapping the Power of Personalized Learning: A Roadmap for School Leaders, focused on helping principals and other educational leaders to engage their staffs in designing and implementing personalized learning ecosystems. Jim is also a co-author of Five Levers To Improve Learning. An engaging speaker, Jim has presented on personalized learning at several national conferences including Visible Learning, ASCD, AESA, and iNACOL, among others.

Carolyn Reeves

Carolyn is responsible for managing major projects and events for the Institute. Prior to joining the team in November 2010, she was a program associate for a contractor to the United States Agency for International Development in the Washington, DC area. While there she prepared and provided on-site logistical support for two international conferences and support for a project focused on small and medium enterprise development.

Teresa Barch

As a coordinator for the Institute, Teresa primarily manages special projects and provides vertical support for the entire team. Currently, she coordinates our "Realizing the Impact of Personalized Learning" project, which is a partnership with the Joyce Foundation and the University of Wisconsin. She also co-facilitated this year's Youth Advisory Council and Annual Youth Summit. Teresa previously worked in the workforce development field, so she understands the importance of adequately preparing today's learners for tomorrow's careers. With a background in writing and digital storytelling, Teresa is passionate about telling the story of the exciting transformation that is taking place in the region's public schools.

Diane Rozanski

Professional Development Specialist
Diane also works with district staff and has expertise in Universal Design for Learning and technology integration. Prior to joining our team, Diane worked for Milwaukee Public Schools in a variety of roles over 34 years. She spent half that time teaching in the classroom before becoming a diagnostic teacher, then a district coordinator for assistive technology, instructional technology and online learning. Diane has presented on a variety of topics at local, state and national conferences.

Laura Vitale

Digital Media Specialist
Laura is responsible for providing brand management and profile recognition for the Institute and manages our social media and other web presence. Laura has experience in graphic design and the production of a variety of print and web-based media. Prior to joining CESA #1 in 2006, Laura spent 17 years in the private sector working for a large automobile financing company in a variety of roles.

Monica Sepic

Program Assistant
Monica joined the Institute team in Fall 2013 and provides program support for the team. She organizes logistics for most of our workshops and events and also coordinates the Field Experience program which enables visitors to see personalized learning in action.