Looking Forward

image of boy looking through binoculars for looking forward blog post
by Ryan Krohn, Director As I was transitioning into my new role, I was frequently asked “Are you looking forward to your new role?” My response was “my new role is looking forward!” Looking forward is the work that we all do as leaders, and it is the essence of the work at The Institute for Personalized Learning. As we celebrate the evolution of this work, it is clear that leaders involved in t...
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An Rx for PL

A prescription for Personalized Learning
by Jim Rickabaugh, Director A colleague recently contacted me with an interesting question. He described a school he has been working with to implement personalized learning practices. Historic performance at the school has been about average and one of the goals is to increase student academic learning in addition to building good learning habits and strong skills. They are encouraged by the p...
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Self-Efficacy: The Secret Sauce to Learning Success

Years of experience and decades of research underscore the wisdom contained in Mr. Ford’s words. This statement captures the core of what we call self-efficacy. This seemingly simple concept holds significant implications both for learners and for us as educators in our journey to nurture high levels of skill and knowledge. We know that the most difficult and challenging learner to teach is the...
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5 Shifts to Learner Roles in a Personalized Learning Environment

(This article originally appeared in the AWSA Update Bulletin) by Jim Rickabaugh The process of transforming learning in our schools from an industrial, assembly line model to a modern, learner-centered and learning focused approach involves much more than adopting an expanded set of instructional skills and strategies. It is not just one more thing that educators are asked to do. In rea...
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Positioning for Growth and Innovation: Finding the Sweet Spot

Zen-stones balancing
We live in times where society presses us toward near constant growth and begs for meaningful innovation. As education practitioners and leaders, it is up to us to take up this challenge and show the way forward in our areas of passion and expertise. It is increasingly clear that if we hope to create and shape the learning environments today’s learners need and deserve, we must be willing to do th...
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