Will You Commit to Being a Network Weaver?

Network weavers
by Jim Rickabaugh Networks are a pervasive presence in our society. They have become a core strategy for conducting research. Businesses also form and rely on networks to connect with customers and other businesses to build loyalty and provide flexible, customer focused service. Online dating networks are growing as well - estimates are that one in five recently married couples met online. T...
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The “Built Pedagogy” of Personalized Learning

Built Pedagogy of Personalized Learning
by Julie Kallio Walk into a personalized learning school in southeastern Wisconsin, and I bet the first thing you’ll do is tour their space and hear about how they changed it. At several points during the visit, they’ll bring it up again, telling the story of how decisions were made, how they funded it, how they negotiated with maintenance or leadership. In my three years of studying personaliz...
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Shifting Paradigms

shifting paradigms
Moving from an instructional paradigm to a learning paradigm The instructional paradigm, still in place in most schools, was primarily designed to support the function of teaching, or more specifically, the delivery of information from instructor to student. For practical reasons the design favored efficiency, which led to batch processing of students, segmentation of content areas, and credits b...
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3 Ways to Transform Education and Prepare Students for Future Workforce Needs

Image of a puzzle with the word future
by Stephan Turnipseed ‎Executive Vice President, Chief Strategy Officer and Thought Leader, Destination Imagination @TurnipseedTalks  By now, it should come as no surprise that today’s incredibly fast-paced, hyper-connected digital economy is changing the way we learn, work, live and play. According to Ray Kurzweil, one of the world’s leading inventors, thinkers, and futurists, progress in ...
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Building the Why, What and How: The Importance of Parent Communication in the Shift to Personalized Learning

image depicting Importance of Parent Communication in the Shift to Personalized Learning
by Jim McLure, Professional Development Specialist As a parent, we want the very best for our children. During the early years, we want them to find success and happiness at home with family, in social settings and in extracurricular activities. For the most part, we feel a sense of control over the majority of those experiences. We decide what sports our children might be involved in. We have ...
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