Co-designers of Assessment

Co-designers of Assessment Element
Imagine a learning experience that is designed so effectively that what the student learns is powered by how the learner is being assessed. Shared assessment practices are established when learners play a role in understanding, planning, and demonstrating evidence of their own learning. When educators adopt assessment practices that allow the learners to play an active role in the design, the asse...
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Practitioner Highlight Series: Educator Collaboration

image about educator collaboration
Educator: Angela Slonac District: Elmbrook School District School: Swanson Elementary To learn more about the elements highlighted in this post, click the links below: Focus Element: Educator Collaboration Additional Elements: Learner Choice Incorporated, Flexible Learning Spaces How are you incorporating the selected element in your classroom? My teaching partner, Danielle Lewcock and ...
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Educator Competencies for Personalized Learning

Image educator competencies for personalized learning
by Jean Garrity, Associate Director There seems to be almost universal agreement that our current educational system needs to be transformed into one that generates more learning, encourages student ownership of learning, and builds the capacity for life-long learning. The work of the Institute for Personalized Learning over the last six years has been in pursuit of that vision. We share the go...
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Learner Voice Demonstrates a Commitment to Building Agency

by Barbara Bray and Kathleen McClaskey, Personalize Learning LLC This is the fourth in the blog series on Learner Agency. We are collaborating with Personalize Learning LLC on this series and taking the lead on different posts. Barbara (@bbray27) and Kathleen (@khmmc) took the lead on this post on learner voice as it relates to agency. We want to share a summary of their post with a link to the...
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A Fork in the Road – The Role of a Contemporary Teacher in an Era of Personalization

Guest post by Allison Zmuda What is the future of the teaching profession in our brave new world of personalization? Personalized learning can go down one of two paths — one that marginalizes and one that embraces the role and expertise of the teacher. The first path is an efficiency-based model where teachers increasingly rely on expertly designed lessons, assessments, videos, platforms in ...
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