Practitioner Highlight Series: Customized Learning Paths

Image depicting a customized learning path
Educators: Lisa Welch and Wanda Richardson District: Kettle Moraine School District School: KM Explore To learn more about the elements highlighted in this post, click the links below: Focus Element: Customized Learning Paths Additional Elements: Multiple Instructional Methods/Modes, Standards Guided Learning How are you incorporating the selected element in your classroom? In our  K/1 ...
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Infographic: Student Goal Setting and Conferencing

The Institute is excited to release our new infographic on student goal setting based on two recent blog posts (here and here) by Jim Rickabaugh. The infographic also contains tips on preparing for and conducting effective conference sessions with your students. We hope you'll find it to be a helpful guide as you begin the process of involving learners in determining their learning path.
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Ready to Set Goals With Your Students? Six Tips to Get Started

Goal Setting
In an earlier blog post we discussed a number of benefits to students when we engage them in setting meaningful goals related to their learning. In this post we will discuss a half-dozen tips you can use to assure that the goals you and your students set will generate the benefits you seek. Tip #1:  Involve the Learner Actively involve the learner in setting and writing goals for their learnin...
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Six Reasons You Should Start Setting Learning Goals With Your Students

Goal setting with students
At every turn it seems we are seeking ways to lift student performance and improve their learning. We want them to take more ownership of and responsibility for their learning. Some of the techniques and strategies we try work; others do not. The good news is that there is a process with substantial power to lift student learning and help to personalize their learning experience. This process i...
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