An Rx for PL

A prescription for Personalized Learning
by Jim Rickabaugh, Director A colleague recently contacted me with an interesting question. He described a school he has been working with to implement personalized learning practices. Historic performance at the school has been about average and one of the goals is to increase student academic learning in addition to building good learning habits and strong skills. They are encouraged by the p...
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Discover the Learner in Every Child

by Kathleen McClaskey and Barbara Bray, Personalize Learning LLC This is the third in the blog series on Learner Agency. We are collaborating with Personalize Learning LLC on this series and taking the lead on different posts. Kathleen (@khmmc) and Barbara (@bbray27) took the lead on this post on understanding the learner.  We want to share a summary of their post with a link to the full text. ...
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Taking a Chance: New Ways of Teaching

New Ways of Teaching image
by Laura Vitale, Digital Media Specialist The audio clip today focuses on taking a chance with some new ways of teaching. One of the scariest things for teachers new to personalized learning is also one of the most important things that needs to happen to create a truly personalized learning experience with students: the shift of control and responsibility from the teacher to the learner. I rem...
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All Learning is Personal: So What?

All Learning is Personal (image)
Jim Rickabaugh recently contributed a guest post to EdWeek's Deeper Learning blog. “Teach means ‘to show how.’ You can teach someone, or someone can teach you. Learn means ‘to find out about something.’ A person must learn things for himself. Someone else may teach him, but he must do the learning for himself." (Alexander J. Stoddard and Matilda Bailey)   All learning is personal – it se...
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Learning Continuum: Engagement

We last discussed the role of motivation in the learning continuum. In much of the literature on building learner motivation, the terms motivation and engagement are used almost interchangeably. While there is a direct link between the two states, they are different. Engagement is motivation in action. Engaged learners are curious, committed and learn for a purpose. Learners who are engaged ...
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