Mayville Immersion Day

Mayville constellation
by Kate Sommerville, PD Specialist The Mayville School District has been an active member of the Institute for Personalized Learning since 2015. After participating in our Institute Studies Cohort (ISC), and to help coalesce their community of educators, they put together a team for our Leadership Design Academy (LDA) cohort. During their summer design session, the Mayville LDA team developed a...
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Shifting Paradigms

shifting paradigms
Moving from an instructional paradigm to a learning paradigm The instructional paradigm, still in place in most schools, was primarily designed to support the function of teaching, or more specifically, the delivery of information from instructor to student. For practical reasons the design favored efficiency, which led to batch processing of students, segmentation of content areas, and credits b...
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Looking Forward

image of boy looking through binoculars for looking forward blog post
by Ryan Krohn, Director As I was transitioning into my new role, I was frequently asked “Are you looking forward to your new role?” My response was “my new role is looking forward!” Looking forward is the work that we all do as leaders, and it is the essence of the work at The Institute for Personalized Learning. As we celebrate the evolution of this work, it is clear that leaders involved in t...
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Primary Colors: Personalized Learning in Early Childhood

by Jim McLure, Professional Development Specialist When I think about how school could look for our youngest learners, I often reflect upon my own education. I was fortunate enough to attend school at an experience-based learning project on the campus of one of the local colleges in Milwaukee. As a young child, I spent my days moving about a classroom, working at my own pace,  and exploring top...
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New Roles

By Laura Vitale, Digital Media Specialist As you might have guessed by now, moving to a personalized environment will mean that roles and relationships between the learner and teacher will change. No longer is the teacher the keeper of all knowledge. No longer is the student seen as a vessel to be filled with information. This does not mean the teacher is obsolete, however. In fact, in a person...
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