Guest post: Reflections on the 2017 Youth Summit

Reflections on the Youth Summit
by Paige K, Institute Youth Advisory Council Member On February 28, 2017, the Institute for Personalized Learning hosted its 6th Annual Youth Summit with the help of its Youth Advisory Council. This year’s theme was “The Power of Personalized Learning: Education Tailored to You!” The event targeted the core concepts of personalized learning, promoted flexible learning, and helped to get the wor...
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Time for a Look Back

Image depicting looking back
Progress on Five Key Principles for a New Learning Ecosystem by Jim Rickabaugh, Director As we approach the sixth anniversary of the Institute for Personalized Learning and our personalized learning transformation work, it seems like a good time to pause and reflect on some key areas of progress. The work is by no means finished, but much has been accomplished and deserves recognition and cele...
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What Can We Learn From Maria?

Image of boy asking what can we learn from Maria
An Analysis of Personalized Learning and Montessori Education by Jim McLure, Professional Development Specialist The most familiar memory that has remained with me is not the famous pink tower, or the wooden, sandpaper letters. I don’t recall learning letters in cursive or counting with beads and rods. What has stayed with me for the past 35 years, since I was last a Montessori Preschooler i...
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5 Signs You May Be Ready For Personalized Learning

by Jim Rickabaugh, Director We are often contacted by educators who have heard about personalized learning and the potential it holds to transform learning. They want to know if they might be ready to begin this work. Obviously, there are many factors that might be considered in answering the question, but over the past five years we have found that educators ready to take on the challenge typi...
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Culturally Responsive Crossroads

by Jim McLure, Professional Development Specialist Oh summer...summer is a time of relaxation, of fun, of culture and community for Southeastern Wisconsin. The area is truly a celebration of many different cultures and communities. It comes alive with fireworks, festivals and warm days with great friends. For many educators, summer is also a time for deep reflection. We think about the past s...
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