The Institute offers proficiency-based micro-credentials that will allow educators to earn badges for any of the Personalized Learning Skill Sets for Educators. Digital badges are a web-based indicator of achievement, designed to validate learning in both formal and informal settings and have become increasingly popular in recent years.

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The teacher understands constructivist learning theory.
Assessment: The teacher creates and uses assessments as, of and for learning.
Collaboration and Partnerships: The teacher creates partnerships with parents, community members, content experts and others outside of the school that can support learning.
Environment: The teacher utilizes varied environments as a tool to maximize learning.
Personalized Learning Tools: The teacher designs and utilizes personalized learning tools to guide learners as architects of their own learning.
Voice and Choice: The teacher engages learners as educational decision-makers through learner voice and choice.
Learner Independence: The teacher guides learners to independent mastery.
College and Career Readiness: The teacher accelerates college and career readiness for all learners.
Content Curation:
 The teacher is a curator of content, connecting learners to multiple sources and tools.
Standards and Learning Progressions: The teacher understands standards and learning progressions and uses them in support of learning.

Hosted on Moodle, our online learning management system, educators will enroll for a micro-credential and have access to a set of learning resources and options for each skill set. Educators will upload artifacts showing evidence of proficiency to Moodle where they will be reviewed by an assessor knowledgeable in personalized learning practices.

Once proficiency is determined, the assessor will award the micro-credential for that skill set. It will display on the participant’s Moodle profile and in Open Badges, where it can become part of an educator’s digital backpack. Through Open Badges, users have an easy and comprehensive way to collect badges in a single backpack and display their skills and achievements on social networking profiles, job sites, their blogs or websites and more.


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Monica Sepic
Program Assistant