Visit, Learn, Reflect

We appreciate your interest in learning more about personalized learning and visiting schools where you can see first-hand this powerful learning strategy in action!

Expert Office Hours
Field Experience participants will have the opportunity to connect with practitioners from the hosting sites during after school sessions. This is a great opportunity for participants to ask questions and dig more deeply into what they saw during the visits earlier in the day.

Design Sessions
These sessions provide teams with a process and framework for designing their own plan to implement personalized learning in their district. Teams will have access to several tools and strategies developed by the Institute to help teams:

  • create a vision and goals based on how they want to transform the educational experience of their learners
  • decide on a specific goal and plan for implementation

Visit Options

Option 1 (One day): Experience includes two site visits, professional development and expert office hours

Option 2 (One and a half days): Experience includes all of Option 1 plus two extra site visits

Option 3 (Two days): Experience includes all of Option 2 plus an afternoon design session

Option 4 (One day): Experience includes two site visits and a design session*

*Pre-requisite: Must be a previous Field Experience participant

Day One (for Option 1, 2 or 3)

  • Visit
  • Professional Development - framing and context around the visit
  • Visit
  • Expert Office Hours

Day Two (AM) (for Option 2)

  • Visit
  • Visit

Day Two (for Option 3 or 4)

  • Visit
  • Visit
  • Design Session


We request that an administrator (principal) accompany any groups of teachers that may be visiting so that the experience is the most beneficial for all visitors. We have found that bringing an administrator on the front-end facilitates action after you have visited.

Disclaimer: Each site will alert you to specific guidelines they have regarding the capture of still and/or video images and the inclusion of students. Regardless of this policy, these images should be used in good faith for your private use only and not used or shared publicly anywhere on the web, electronically or in print. 


Monica Sepic
Program Assistant