The Practitioner Studies Cohort (PSC)  is designed to build learning opportunities and connections for educators throughout the year. The PSC is built around the premise of open collaboration and sharing of an action network. This is expedited through a two-promise strategy:

  1. Share what you have learned
  2. Try what others have shared with you

Each Practitioner Studies Cohort session features three components:

  1. Network and collaboration time
  2. Visit classrooms of participants
  3. New content, strategies and tools

The sessions will rotate among current personalized learning locations and be hosted by participants. When registering, participants will have the opportunity to select a date to host a session. Because of the size of the cohort, we probably will not be able to visit every site represented in the program.

This program is a good fit for people who are working toward the following experiences in their classrooms:

  • Purposeful learning
  • Learner efficacy
  • Ownership for learning
  • Flexible pace
  • Learner voice infused
  • Learner choice presented
  • Learners serve as resources for learning
  • Space for learning flexibility
  • Commitment focus
  • Collaboration
  • Technology supported
  • Growing learner independence

For more details about the above items, check out our "Look fors" blog posts (here and here).

Administrators are encouraged and welcome to participate with their teachers.


Monica Sepic
Program Assistant