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Interested in learning more about the work of the Institute and how personalized learning can meet the needs of all learners?

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Consulting and Coaching
The Institute offers a range of services to help educators, schools and districts implement personalized learning with fidelity. Consulting and coaching services can be customized for your school or district around a range of topics and time frames.
Implementation Analysis
Institute staff will conduct an in-depth analysis of your personalized learning activities, including conducting interviews and focus groups, and collecting other information related to personalized learning practices and processes.
Speaking Engagements
We are available to speak at a variety of events, from keynoting at conferences to presenting to small groups. We welcome the opportunity to share our passion for personalized learning and will work with the client to tailor our message to the readiness level of the audience.
Walk Through, Rounds and Consultation
Institute staff will conduct a walk-through of your personalized learning program and provide customized consulting and feedback based on observations, including suggestions for scaling personalized learning.