Director Jim Rickabaugh contributed a guest blog post for Competency Works.

rickabaugh_thumbnail2The past few years have seen the growth of two important and highly potential movements: competency-based learning and personalized learning. Many innovators are bringing the learning of students into clear focus by aligning student work and learning to clear, worthy, and rigorous competencies. Students in these learning environments now know what they are asked to and are trying to learn, how it will be assessed, and what value the new learning will bring to their lives and future learning. For these students, the days are gone when the best indication of what they know was fuzzily embedded in credits earned and grades assigned or buried somewhere in the latest unit test. (Read the full post here.)

CompetencyWorks is a collaborative initiative drawing on the knowledge of its partners and an advisory board. iNACOL is the lead organization with project management facilitated by MetisNet. We are deeply grateful to the leadership and support from the Nellie Mae Education Foundation. Their vision and creative partnership has been instrumental in the development of CompetencyWorks.