How to Start Personalized Learning

By Laura Vitale, Digital Media Specialist

So maybe you’ve done some research around personalized learning or you see a teacher down the hall implementing personalized learning in his or her classroom and you think, “Wow, this is something I’d like to try!” Great! But now what do you do?

This week you’ll hear from educators about how and where to begin. (Hint: focus on changes to learning and teaching!) You’ll hear them talk about the importance of knowing the learner, engaging the learner in the planning and setting clear outcomes with the learner. You’ll hear how important it is for administrators to create an environment for teachers where they are allowed to try new things, think creatively and question existing practices and norms. Finally, you’ll hear them encourage you to just try it!

After listening, think about things you are doing in your classroom now that you can turn over to your students. Check out the additional resources for more ideas.

How to Start Personalized Learning (audio)


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Audio interviews conducted by Ed Janus
Image: (c) Can Stock Photo Inc. / borodaev