New Roles

By Laura Vitale, Digital Media Specialist

As you might have guessed by now, moving to a personalized environment will mean that roles and relationships between the learner and teacher will change. No longer is the teacher the keeper of all knowledge. No longer is the student seen as a vessel to be filled with information. This does not mean the teacher is obsolete, however. In fact, in a personalized environment the teacher and the relationship they have with their students is a critical component to the success of the learning process.

Listen as educators talk about taking on these new roles. Hear them say that it can be uncomfortable and difficult sometimes after so many years of teaching in a more traditional way. But hear them also talk about how rewarding it is and how they wouldn’t have it any other way. Then check out the additional resources to learn more about changing roles.

This wraps up our Voices From the Personalized Learning Classroom series. We hope you have enjoyed it as much as we have enjoyed putting it together. We want to again thank Ed Janus and the brave educators he interviewed for this series. If you liked what you heard from them, but still aren’t quite sure what “it” looks like, we invite you to schedule a visit where you will see in person what you have heard in these audio interviews.

New Roles (audio)

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Audio interviews conducted by Ed Janus

Image: (c) Can Stock Photo Inc. / borodaev