We have to stop pretending challenge


Here is our addition to the Scott McLeod challenge.

When it comes to education, we have to stop pretending…

  1. That our current educational system has the capacity to meet the needs of all learners
  2. That we are adequately preparing our children for the future they will experience
  3. That a high-stakes, “moment in time” test is a worthy indication of what a student has actually learned
  4. That learning only occurs between 9 AM – 3 PM, Monday – Friday, September – June
  5. That we are giving students any meaningful say in how they learn, when they learn and what they learn

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Please join the challenge. When it comes to education, what are 5 things that we have to stop pretending? Post, tag 5 others, and share using the #makeschooldifferent hashtag.

One thought on “We have to stop pretending challenge

  1. I love this list so much. #5 is particularly egregious. Thanks so much, y’all, for participating. I need to get up there sometime to learn more about what you’re doing!

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