Discover the Learner in Every Child

by Kathleen McClaskey and Barbara Bray, Personalize Learning LLC

This is the third in the blog series on Learner Agency. We are collaborating with Personalize Learning LLC on this series and taking the lead on different posts. Kathleen (@khmmc) and Barbara (@bbray27) took the lead on this post on understanding the learner.  We want to share a summary of their post with a link to the full text.

In the post, Kathleen and Barbara discuss Universal Design for Learning (UDL). Grounded in neuroscience, UDL can help guide the design of learning environments where barriers to learning are reduced and supports and instruction can meet the needs of all learners. There are three principles of UDL: multiple means of representation; multiple means of engagement and; multiple means of expression and action.

UDL aligns well with personalized learning. In the post Kathleen and Barbara discuss how a UDL lens can be used with learners as they work with their teacher to develop their learner profile. Together they can discover the learner’s strengths, preferences and needs in how they access, engage and express.

We encourage you to read the full post, Discover the Learner in Every Child, for more on how UDL can be used in a personalized learning ecosystem.


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Personalize Learning, LLC (@plearnchat) works with school districts and organizations to transform teaching and learning for all learners. Their model is based on transformation in three areas: changing teacher and learner roles, using Universal Design for Learning® as the lens to personalize learning, and developing a culture of learning based on a shared belief system. For more information, contact or connect with them via Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, or Google+.

Image used with permission from Personalize Learning LLC