Learner Voice Demonstrates a Commitment to Building Agency

by Barbara Bray and Kathleen McClaskey, Personalize Learning LLC

This is the fourth in the blog series on Learner Agency. We are collaborating with Personalize Learning LLC on this series and taking the lead on different posts. Barbara (@bbray27) and Kathleen (@khmmc) took the lead on this post on learner voice as it relates to agency. We want to share a summary of their post with a link to the full text.

Learner voice has traditionally not been a big factor in classrooms. However, when building a personalized learning ecosystem, learner voice is a critical component for success, making them active participants in their learning and moving them along the continuum toward eventual learning independence.

Barbara and Kathleen shared a graphic showing the spectrum of learner voice oriented activities. In traditional classrooms, most learner voice activities are limited to expression, consultation and participation. The goal is for learners to move toward the other end of the spectrum, engaging in activities that reflect partnership, activism and leadership.

We encourage you to read the full post, Learner Voice Demonstrates a Commitment to Building Agency, for more on the importance of learner voice in a personalized learning ecosystem.


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Image used with permission from Personalize Learning LLC