National Convening on Personalized Learning

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This is our flagship event of the year. The National Convening on Personalized Learning is an opportunity for educators to learn from national experts and experienced practitioners about emerging best practices, lessons learned, and new topics or aspects of personalized learning.

The Convening is designed to be experienced as a whole. Participants will:

  • Get new ideas — as you discover what others are doing, begin applying that to your own practice and iterate what works in your particular environment
  • Push your thinking — what elements haven’t you explored yet?
  • Develop actionable steps to move forward — What can you do in your classroom, building, or district tomorrow?
  • Have time to network with others — know who is doing similar work, understand what they are doing and make connections
  • Build common understanding — hone our collective understanding of personalized learning and how others are implementing learner-centered practices.