Looking Forward

by Ryan Krohn, Director

As I was transitioning into my new role, I was frequently asked “Are you looking forward to your new role?” My response was “my new role is looking forward!” Looking forward is the work that we all do as leaders, and it is the essence of the work at The Institute for Personalized Learning. As we celebrate the evolution of this work, it is clear that leaders involved in this work have crafted a vision for learning based on looking forward. Our team at the Institute is looking forward to partnering with leaders as the next revolution of this work unfolds in front of thousands of learners across the country.

Personalized Learning: Ideas and Elements
The inspiring ideas that surround the concept of personalized learning continue to evolve as they find themselves taking on greater and greater significance in the lives of the learner. Core elements such as customized learning paths, learner profiles, and proficiency based progress, once seen as radical ideas, are now seen as critical to a deep learning experience. The ideas intertwined in the interactive honeycomb continuously position learners at the center of each experience. And with each personalized experience, the role of the learner shifts from a recipient to a more active participant in their learning.

Personalized Learning: Taking root across the country
The ideas that comprise personalized learning are nothing without a learning environment. Over the past 6 years, leaders have been applying the ‘Ideas and Elements’ of personalized learning into existing schools and classrooms. The application of these elements into existing systems requires thoughtful leadership and strategic entry points. The Institute has celebrated alongside districts, schools, and classrooms as ‘ideas’ fundamentally changed the learning experience. Systems once solely operating off of the instructional paradigm are now in the midst of an organizational transformation as new learner-centered designs come forward. These places for learning are no longer a vision – they are a reality.

Personalized Learning: Grounded in research, getting results!
These places of learning, driven forward by the new ideas/designs, are aligned to the essential skills of the future. Personalized learning practices have a sound research foundation that continues to strengthen with each successful iteration. The ideas inside the honeycomb are based on vetted research. A team from UW Madison has been following the work and has partnered with the Institute to collect research as well as reveal impact. The research has also opened up areas for future inquiry.

As another year begins we wanted to offer encouragement and support. Our team is dedicated to helping advance the work and constantly looking to create networking opportunities, leverage ideas, provide support, and most importantly, celebrate the evolution of PL models.

Looking Forward,

The Institute for Personalized Learning Team


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