Reflections on the EdWeek PL Summit

Thought bubble with speech bubbles inside it
The Education Week Research Center conducted a nationally representative survey of about 600 teachers on personalized learning issues. On November 21, 2019, Dria Setter and Kate Sommerville were guests in an online Personalized Learning Summit hosted by EdWeek, which used the survey results as a starting point and examined teacher perspectives on various personalized learning topics. Along with Al...
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Co-designers of Assessment

Co-designers of Assessment Element
Imagine a learning experience that is designed so effectively that what the student learns is powered by how the learner is being assessed. Shared assessment practices are established when learners play a role in understanding, planning, and demonstrating evidence of their own learning. When educators adopt assessment practices that allow the learners to play an active role in the design, the asse...
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Self-Efficacy: The Secret Sauce to Learning Success

Years of experience and decades of research underscore the wisdom contained in Mr. Ford’s words. This statement captures the core of what we call self-efficacy. This seemingly simple concept holds significant implications both for learners and for us as educators in our journey to nurture high levels of skill and knowledge. We know that the most difficult and challenging learner to teach is the...
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New Roles

By Laura Vitale, Digital Media Specialist As you might have guessed by now, moving to a personalized environment will mean that roles and relationships between the learner and teacher will change. No longer is the teacher the keeper of all knowledge. No longer is the student seen as a vessel to be filled with information. This does not mean the teacher is obsolete, however. In fact, in a person...
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Typical Day

By Laura Vitale, Digital Media Specialist We’ve called this installment Typical Day, but I think what you’ll realize after listening to the audio is that there really isn’t one! That’s the beauty (and the scary part) of personalized learning. You will hear common themes however. Things like dialogue, conferencing, listening. You’ll also hear them talk about working together with students and te...
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