The “Built Pedagogy” of Personalized Learning

Built Pedagogy of Personalized Learning
by Julie Kallio Walk into a personalized learning school in southeastern Wisconsin, and I bet the first thing you’ll do is tour their space and hear about how they changed it. At several points during the visit, they’ll bring it up again, telling the story of how decisions were made, how they funded it, how they negotiated with maintenance or leadership. In my three years of studying personaliz...
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Personalized Professional Development

This week's post is by Jean Garrity, Assistant Director at the Institute.  Were you ever asked to attend a workshop about a subject you already knew a lot about?  Have you ever wondered how you could use what you just learned in a workshop with your students?  Moving toward a system of personalized learning requires a retooling of our current educational workforce as well as our approach to pro...
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Breaking Down Our Change Strategy – Part 3

This blog post wraps up our in-depth look at the change strategy that the Institute is using to help frame the work of personalizing learning for all students. In previous posts we discussed changes to learning and teaching, and relationships and roles, both of which serve as the foundation for the final area of change: structures and policies. Structures and Policies When significant change...
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