Every Experience Is an Opportunity to Learn

LIght bulb
by Jim Rickabaugh, Ph.D. Learning is the key to staying professionally fresh, keeping our practice sharp, adjusting to changing conditions, and maintaining our professional confidence. It expands our perspective and feeds our curiosity. Learning can also stimulate new ideas and generate new insights. When we engage in learning that challenges us, we move beyond the limits of our natural talent....
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Conflict: A Predictable Companion of Social Change

bell curve graphic of conflict cycle
by Jim Rickabaugh, Senior Advisor In our excitement and enthusiasm for creating better learning experiences and a more effective educational system for young people we can ignore a predictable, but uncomfortable truth: Rarely does significant change in social processes, norms, and systems happen without conflict. Even when the benefits are clearly significant and documentable, resistance is nearl...
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Time for a Look Back

Image depicting looking back
Progress on Five Key Principles for a New Learning Ecosystem by Jim Rickabaugh, Director As we approach the sixth anniversary of the Institute for Personalized Learning and our personalized learning transformation work, it seems like a good time to pause and reflect on some key areas of progress. The work is by no means finished, but much has been accomplished and deserves recognition and cele...
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Personalized Learning: Curating, Customizing and Co-Creating

by Jim Rickabaugh, Director Visitors to environments designed for learners to have a personalized experience with their learning often comment that they see significant variations in approaches and organization across classrooms and other learning spaces. They ask how they should make sense of the differences and whether each of the approaches really represents personalization. Without a con...
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5 Signs You May Be Ready For Personalized Learning

by Jim Rickabaugh, Director We are often contacted by educators who have heard about personalized learning and the potential it holds to transform learning. They want to know if they might be ready to begin this work. Obviously, there are many factors that might be considered in answering the question, but over the past five years we have found that educators ready to take on the challenge typi...
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