Educator Competencies for Personalized Learning

Image educator competencies for personalized learning
by Jean Garrity, Associate Director There seems to be almost universal agreement that our current educational system needs to be transformed into one that generates more learning, encourages student ownership of learning, and builds the capacity for life-long learning. The work of the Institute for Personalized Learning over the last six years has been in pursuit of that vision. We share the go...
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Ownership and Independence – The Keys to Learner Agency

by Jean Garrity, Associate Director Two years ago, I was visiting an elementary classroom in an urban district in southeast Wisconsin. My attention was drawn to an eight year old boy named William. William was one of those busy, active, somewhat disruptive kids. He didn’t believe in “crisscross, applesauce” as his teacher led the morning meeting, and I was curious to see how he behaved when the...
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Rethinking Professional Development — Institute Summer Day Camp

Institute Summer Camp
We know that engaging in personalized learning requires that we think differently about learning and teaching, yet for most educators, professional development sessions typically involve sitting in a conference room for the better part of a day, leaving with a binder full of ideas. Clearly, there is a lot of high quality professional development occurring in these traditional or legacy models. How...
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Learning Progressions

This week's post is by Jean Garrity, Associate Director at the Institute. Exciting work is underway in several middle schools in the West Allis – West Milwaukee and Waukesha school districts.  As part of its ongoing research and development, Educational Testing Service is supporting a research initiative titled CBAL (Cognitively Based Assessments As, Of and For Learning). As part of its work wi...
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Personalized Learning for All Students

This week’s post is by Jean Garrity, Assistant Director at the Institute.  A school ought to be a magical place where you are queen or king, and where what you get to do is focus on your intellect, and on what you can accomplish as a human being, and you come to understand what your life can be.  That’s what school should be for children.  Not a place where you go to study for a standardized test...
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