The Institute for Personalized Learning is a division of Cooperative Educational Service Agency #1, a provider of high-quality, cost-effective programs and services for K-12 districts in Southeastern Wisconsin. The intent and commitment of the Institute is to build on the work that was started with the CESA #1 Call to Action and the white paper, Transforming Public Education: A Regional Call to Action. Our vision is a world where every learner has the capacity and drive to learn for life.

The mission of the Institute is to launch and infuse a learner-centered framework for scaling personalized learning and nurturing powerful learners. We have developed a model and process, and we work with network schools and districts to re-design our educational ecosystem into one that is learner-centered. Through a unique action network approach, our networks are able to take advantage of experiences at multiple sites, simultaneously test a variety of strategies and share learning and research to accelerate the effort.