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Definition of Personalized Learning

The Institute defines personalized learning as an approach to learning and instruction that is designed around individual learner readiness, strengths, needs and interestsLearners are active participants in setting goals, planning learning paths, tracking progress and determining how learning will be demonstrated. At any given time, learning objectives, content, methods and pacing are likely to vary from learner to learner as they pursue proficiency relative to established standards. A fully personalized environment moves beyond both differentiation and individualization.

We believe that personalizing the educational experience for students holds the greatest leverage to transform the current educational design and build capacity for dramatic improvement in the performance of the educational system. A personalized learning system provides opportunities to maximize the potential of all students based on their needs, abilities, and preferences. 

It is no secret that established organizations struggle with change and that is certainly true for public education. This is one of the reasons transformation is so difficult. Organizations especially seem to struggle with where to start making the change.

The Institute has developed a change strategy to guide schools and districts as they implement personalized learning. Based on our honeycomb model, this strategy starts with three foundational components of a personalized learning ecosystem and then builds out to focus on change in three areas and in three phases: learning and teaching; relationships and roles; and structures and policies.


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What is Personalized Learning?
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