7 Key Criteria for Learning Innovation

by Brenda Vogds and Jim Rickabaugh In recent months there has been a whirlwind of discussion about learning loss for our children exiting the pandemic. Great Schools Partnership states “The term learning loss refers to any specific or general loss of knowledge and skills or to reversals in academic progress, most commonly due to extended gaps or discontinuities in a student’s education.” Where th...
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In Celebration of the Pacemakers Among Us

In Celebration of the Pacemakers
by Alyssa Voigt, Makerspace and Media Center Coordinator for Secondary Schools, Kettle Moraine School District This past summer, a good friend of mine decided she wanted to run a half-marathon. With very little running experience, she found a training plan online and little by little built up her stamina. On the day of the race, her training had paid off and she ran across the finish line with a ...
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What’s the Point: Grades or Learning?

What's the Point Grades or Learning image
by Jim Rickabaugh As parents and educators we can find ourselves urging learners to work hard so they get good grades. On the surface, this may seem like reasonable advice. We want students to be successful and grades are intended to be at least one indicator of success. However, with some reflection, we can see that such advice may actually be undermining the very thing grades are intended to ...
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Gold Medal Learners: The Olympics – Powerful Athletes, Powerful Learners

Gold Medal Learners Powerful Athletes Powerful Learners
by Ryan Krohn, Director With the Winter Olympics just around the corner, the world will tune in to witness amazing performances and get to know the athletes with in depth interviews and profiles. And while a number of gold medal hopefuls, such as snowboarding’s Shaun White, alpine’s Lindsey Vonn, and figure skating's Gracie Gold (yes GOLD!) each hope to display a powerful performance, there is ...
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We have to stop pretending challenge

Here is our addition to the Scott McLeod challenge. When it comes to education, we have to stop pretending... That our current educational system has the capacity to meet the needs of all learners That we are adequately preparing our children for the future they will experience That a high-stakes, “moment in time” test is a worthy indication of what a student has actually learned ...
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