Rethinking Assessment

Image of brain with rethinking assessment caption
by Eric Hill, Professional Development Specialist Today, more than ever, educators are administering continuous assessments to their learners. The trend is largely driven by the increased demand for data. However, it is time we pause and reflect on the intentionality and purpose that drives our assessment practices, and more importantly learning and teaching. Before you read any further, take a ...
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Getting Specific: Six Ways Traditional School Design Falls Short

6 Ways Traditional School Design Falls Short
by Jim Rickabaugh, Senior Advisor We often talk about the need for education to change to meet the needs of today’s youth, our society, and our economy. However, the focus too often is on changing the behaviors of people in the system, as though they are the problem. In fact, we have been blaming and pressuring people for more than three decades, since the Nation At Risk Report in the 1980s. Yet,...
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What’s the Point: Grades or Learning?

What's the Point Grades or Learning image
by Jim Rickabaugh As parents and educators we can find ourselves urging learners to work hard so they get good grades. On the surface, this may seem like reasonable advice. We want students to be successful and grades are intended to be at least one indicator of success. However, with some reflection, we can see that such advice may actually be undermining the very thing grades are intended to ...
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Co-designers of Assessment

Co-designers of Assessment Element
Imagine a learning experience that is designed so effectively that what the student learns is powered by how the learner is being assessed. Shared assessment practices are established when learners play a role in understanding, planning, and demonstrating evidence of their own learning. When educators adopt assessment practices that allow the learners to play an active role in the design, the asse...
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What’s So Hot About STEaM at the Waukesha STEM Academy?

Image-what's so hot about STEaM
by Eric Hill, Educator Effectiveness Coach, Waukesha STEM Academy; Giselle D’Souza & Christina Minz, STEM Students, Institute for Personalized Learning Youth Advisory Council members STEaM is a big deal at the Waukesha STEM Academy. STEM traditionally stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math, which are important aspects of the learning experience here. We also have a part of our...
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