Conflict: A Predictable Companion of Social Change

bell curve graphic of conflict cycle
by Jim Rickabaugh, Senior Advisor In our excitement and enthusiasm for creating better learning experiences and a more effective educational system for young people we can ignore a predictable, but uncomfortable truth: Rarely does significant change in social processes, norms, and systems happen without conflict. Even when the benefits are clearly significant and documentable, resistance is nearl...
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All Learning is Personal: So What?

All Learning is Personal (image)
Jim Rickabaugh recently contributed a guest post to EdWeek's Deeper Learning blog. “Teach means ‘to show how.’ You can teach someone, or someone can teach you. Learn means ‘to find out about something.’ A person must learn things for himself. Someone else may teach him, but he must do the learning for himself." (Alexander J. Stoddard and Matilda Bailey)   All learning is personal – it se...
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Visit from Australia

This week the Institute is pleased to have a guest blogger. Darryl Diment, an educator from Australia, visited our region in September as part of a research project he is conducting around personalized learning. Darryl is a principal at Ocean Grove Primary School in Ocean Grove, Victoria. After his visit, we asked if he would be willing to share his reflections on his visit by writing a blog post ...
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Breaking Down Our Change Strategy – Part 3

This blog post wraps up our in-depth look at the change strategy that the Institute is using to help frame the work of personalizing learning for all students. In previous posts we discussed changes to learning and teaching, and relationships and roles, both of which serve as the foundation for the final area of change: structures and policies. Structures and Policies When significant change...
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Breaking Down Our Change Strategy – Part 2

A couple of weeks ago we began to examine the change strategy the Institute is using to help frame our work of personalizing learning for all students. The first area we discussed was change to learning and teaching, which we feel must be at the nexus of any significant change to education. This week we will explore the next area of change: relationships and roles. Relationships and Roles Ed...
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