Kaneland School District: Our Road to Personalized Learning

picture of a map
by Sarah Mumm, Patrick Raleigh and Laura Garland, Kaneland School District Like most travel adventures, Kaneland CUSD #302’s road to implementing personalized learning has included stretches of open road, dangerous curves, forks in the road, and even some unexpected lane closures. Through it all, we have kept our GPS locked in on our final destination; a district where students are not just alo...
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The Shift: Competency-Based Learning

figure walking up stairs
by Odetta Smith, Pattonville School District For the Pattonville School District, August 17th and 18th, 2021 came so much faster than we anticipated. The two very full days of our professional development centered around moving instruction with learner progressions. Teachers gathered with other teachers in the district and engaged in conversations around rigor, assessment, and progressions. We ...
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What’s the Point: Grades or Learning?

What's the Point Grades or Learning image
by Jim Rickabaugh As parents and educators we can find ourselves urging learners to work hard so they get good grades. On the surface, this may seem like reasonable advice. We want students to be successful and grades are intended to be at least one indicator of success. However, with some reflection, we can see that such advice may actually be undermining the very thing grades are intended to ...
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Mayville Immersion Day

Mayville constellation
by Kate Sommerville, PD Specialist The Mayville School District has been an active member of the Institute for Personalized Learning since 2015. After participating in our Institute Studies Cohort (ISC), and to help coalesce their community of educators, they put together a team for our Leadership Design Academy (LDA) cohort. During their summer design session, the Mayville LDA team developed a...
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Reflections on the High School Redesign Conference

This week we are pleased to have a guest blogger, Jody Landish, who shares her reflections on the recent High School Redesign Conference she attended as part of a team of educators from SE Wisconsin. Ms. Landish is the principal at North High School in the Waukesha School District. All students prepared for success! Some states call it proficiency, some competency, yet others mastery. The botto...
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