Creating Culture in the First 20 Days – Virtually

boy learning virtually
by Dria Setter, Professional Development Specialist Schools were tasked with a decision like no other this fall - a reopening plan amidst a global pandemic. It is safe to say that regardless of how much preparation and anticipation there was leading up to Day One, there were still so many unknowns. Whether this was your very first day or your twentieth first day of school as an educator, it was l...
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What Educators Need to Know About Teaching in a Post-Covid 19 Classroom

by Andrew Easton In the first few weeks following the widespread school closures across the U.S. and the world, educators were gasping for resources and scrambling to move their coursework online. In what was an incredibly stressful and emotional time, teachers everywhere rose to meet the needs of the moment. Together, we shined.  Having weathered that initial storm, we now find ourselves perfor...
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Am I ready for this? Beneficial Strategies When Implementing Learner-Centered Practices

Am I Ready For This?
by Shawn Galvin, Principal, Lincoln Elementary At Lincoln Elementary in Janesville, WI, we have been working to implement learner-centered practices for the past 6 years. During that time we have gone through many ups and downs as we have tried to change long held practices. We have a lengthy list of strategies that we tried that didn’t work or at least didn’t work as intended (this could be a to...
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Reflections on the EdWeek PL Summit

Thought bubble with speech bubbles inside it
The Education Week Research Center conducted a nationally representative survey of about 600 teachers on personalized learning issues. On November 21, 2019, Dria Setter and Kate Sommerville were guests in an online Personalized Learning Summit hosted by EdWeek, which used the survey results as a starting point and examined teacher perspectives on various personalized learning topics. Along with Al...
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In Celebration of the Pacemakers Among Us

In Celebration of the Pacemakers
by Alyssa Voigt, Makerspace and Media Center Coordinator for Secondary Schools, Kettle Moraine School District This past summer, a good friend of mine decided she wanted to run a half-marathon. With very little running experience, she found a training plan online and little by little built up her stamina. On the day of the race, her training had paid off and she ran across the finish line with a ...
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