What Are We Preparing Our Learners To Do?

Question marks
by Stacy Linn, Ed.D. What are we preparing our learners to do? This is the question that educators, principals, parents and community members were constantly asking in our school district. Some stakeholders may say, “to answer questions on the big accountability test” while others would say “to prepare our learners for the future”. Out of frustration educators may even say, “Just tell us what w...
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If You Build It, They Will Reflect

child's hands with building blocks
by Sarah Mumm, Director of Educational Services, Kaneland Schools Student reflection has been a never ending journey for most school districts across the nation. In our current society it seems reflection is becoming a lost art. With real-time results in video gaming, social media that allows a person to get immediate thoughts on anything and everything they post, and even cars that tell you what...
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Guest Post: Jumping in the Sandbox – Personalizing Professional Development

by Rachel Rydzewski, Principal, Muskego Lakes Middle School As I invited a team of teacher leaders together last spring to co-create school-wide learner profiles for students, I knew I had to jump in the sandbox myself to consider adult learner profiles. How could I invite teachers to take this journey to really get to know their students without expecting the same of myself? As a learner leader,...
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An Rx for PL

A prescription for Personalized Learning
by Jim Rickabaugh, Director A colleague recently contacted me with an interesting question. He described a school he has been working with to implement personalized learning practices. Historic performance at the school has been about average and one of the goals is to increase student academic learning in addition to building good learning habits and strong skills. They are encouraged by the p...
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Discover the Learner in Every Child

by Kathleen McClaskey and Barbara Bray, Personalize Learning LLC This is the third in the blog series on Learner Agency. We are collaborating with Personalize Learning LLC on this series and taking the lead on different posts. Kathleen (@khmmc) and Barbara (@bbray27) took the lead on this post on understanding the learner.  We want to share a summary of their post with a link to the full text. ...
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