Getting Specific: Six Ways Traditional School Design Falls Short

6 Ways Traditional School Design Falls Short
by Jim Rickabaugh, Senior Advisor We often talk about the need for education to change to meet the needs of today’s youth, our society, and our economy. However, the focus too often is on changing the behaviors of people in the system, as though they are the problem. In fact, we have been blaming and pressuring people for more than three decades, since the Nation At Risk Report in the 1980s. Yet,...
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Learner Profile or Learner’s Profile?

By Kathy Onarheim Director As we move forward in designing and implementing personalized learning, the development of a profile of the learner has been discussed as being critical in creating the processes for assessing, diagnosing, and prescribing learning.  In exploring this issue, it is clear that this idea is not new. Hundreds of models are available, including individualized education p...
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