Personalized Learning: A vision we can all aspire to

image: girl with binoculars
by Julia Rutledge, M.S. When people ask me why I decided to pursue my doctorate in educational psychology, I think about an experience I had ten years ago as a student teacher of high school literature. Like many teachers, I had disengaged students. Some would sit in the back of the class and zone out on their iPods, while it seemed almost impossible to get others to raise their hand to partici...
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Looking Forward

image of boy looking through binoculars for looking forward blog post
by Ryan Krohn, Director As I was transitioning into my new role, I was frequently asked “Are you looking forward to your new role?” My response was “my new role is looking forward!” Looking forward is the work that we all do as leaders, and it is the essence of the work at The Institute for Personalized Learning. As we celebrate the evolution of this work, it is clear that leaders involved in t...
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All Learning is Personal: So What?

All Learning is Personal (image)
Jim Rickabaugh recently contributed a guest post to EdWeek's Deeper Learning blog. “Teach means ‘to show how.’ You can teach someone, or someone can teach you. Learn means ‘to find out about something.’ A person must learn things for himself. Someone else may teach him, but he must do the learning for himself." (Alexander J. Stoddard and Matilda Bailey)   All learning is personal – it se...
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All Learning is Personal

All learning is personal. Regardless of the information we encounter, experiences to which we are exposed or examples we see, we only learn if we make a connection, experience some type of interaction or identify a context within which to place the experience. Every day, every minute and every second of our lives we encounter stimuli that could result in learning. Yet we only notice, engage and ab...
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The End Goal

We’ve now covered four of the five elements along the learning continuum. The last element, indeed, the ultimate goal is to create independent learners. Independent learners take responsibility for their motivation and growth, and are led by curiosity and the drive to build their knowledge and skills. Independent learners treat their learning as a prized possession that they must take care of, mai...
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