Consulting services may include:

  • Measuring readiness, progress and/or data collection
  • Organizational change management
  • Working with district and building leaders to develop strategies to initiate and sustain the work
  • Implementation and scaling analysis and support
  • Technology audit/analysis
  • Assisting teams as they develop, refine and reflect on a plan to personalize learning for students
  • Supporting educators in turning personalized learning concepts/elements into practices that enhance student learning


Longer term coaching is available and offers additional benefits such as:

  • Serving as a critical link between the Institute for Personalized Learning and the personalized learning team
  • Encouraging networking and resource-sharing with other districts and schools involved in the work
  • Providing ongoing, embedded opportunities for personalized professional learning
  • Serving as a critical friend, scout and guidepost for the personalized learning team throughout the year
  • Other activities based on each team’s needs, such as:
    • Attending planning meetings
    • Classroom visits/observations and follow-up conversations
    • Periodic check-ins via phone, email, video-conferencing, etc.


Monica Sepic
Program Specialist