Institute staff, accompanied by school leaders, will conduct a formal review by spending time in each classroom and observing designated elements of personalized learning in action. Feedback will be provided based on observations, including suggested next steps for continuing to implement and scale personalized learning.

Peer Observation Rounds

Institute staff, accompanied by teacher teams, will conduct an informal walk-through review by spending time in each classroom and observing for designated elements of personalized learning. Feedback will be provided based on observations. This will also build district staff capacity around observation, data collection and analysis. 

Consultative Analysis and Reporting

Institute staff will conduct individual and small group interviews and focus groups and collect other information related to personalized learning practices and processes. This service will support schools and school districts to understand areas of progress, potential barriers and perceptions of stakeholders throughout personalized learning implementation activities and phases. A follow-up report will include key themes related to strengths, opportunities for growth and recommendations for action.

Analysis could include:

  • Interview protocol
  • Honeycomb Alignment Continuum
  • Learner look fors
  • Six-step instructional process


Monica Sepic
Program Specialist